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Eastlakes by Crown

The Eastlakes shopping centre redevelopment project aims to replace the existing shopping centre with a revitalised shopping destination that is integrated with modern apartment living and links to the adjacent Eastlakes reserve. The development will incorporate 13 residential towers providing 404 new apartments built atop of 14,000 m² of retail space and associated basement carparking on two distinct sites spanning Evans Avenue.

Based on the preliminary architectural drawings, Holmes Fire was able to identify areas where the design either required or could be enhanced by an Alternative Solution. For example the building requires a number of construction elements (walls and slabs) to be fire rated to limit the spread of fire through the building. Whilst the building code required a three hour fire rating, Holmes Fire will be developing a solution that permits a reduced fire rating of only two hours.

The retail areas will require a smoke exhaust system, however rather than taking the broadbrush approach specified in the building code, it is proposed to undertake Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling of the retail malls, replicating the building design digitally and using numerical modelling to predict the movement of smoke from a number of hypothetical fires set in the digital model. This will enable a more efficiently designed smoke exhaust system, and additionally will allow for smoke zones that are longer and larger than those permitted in the building code and also support the justification of extended travel distances and reduced number of exits throughout these retail spaces.

Pragmatic deviations for the smoke detection and alarm system will also be presented, negating the need for compliance with the voice intelligibility criteria within the basement carparks, where compliance with the relevant Australia Standard is considered challenging to achieve and of limited benefit. Holmes Fire will also be adding significant value and design flexibility to the project by assessing the holistic risk of the residential portions of the building. Although the residential towers on the south site will technically have an effective height that is greater than 25 m, Holmes Fire will demonstrate that the risk to occupants of these towers is akin to that within a building less than 25 m in effective height and as a result avoid the need to provide two exits from each level, onsite water tanks for the sprinkler and hydrant systems, a ring main and monitored isolation valves for the fire hydrant system, emergency lifts and a Sound System and Intercom System for Emergency Purposes.