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UNSW Village

Located on the Kensington Campus, UNSW Village consists of twenty distinct residential buildings ranging from single to multi-storey that provide a variety of modern student accommodation apartments, specifically designed for the student lifestyle. The Village features over 1,000 beds in a selection of one to eight bedroom apartments in addition to facilities such as a convenience store, elibrary, café, laundry and a 71 space carpark.

Many of the buildings are interconnected and as such, are required to be treated as a single united building. Holmes Fire provided fire engineered Alternative Solutions to address:

  • Unprotected openings too close to existing buildings on the site, avoiding installation of additional protection to the existing buildings;
  • Non-compliant location of fire hose reels, enabling optimisation of service risers; and
  • Fire-isolated stairs discharging into the lobbies rather than outside the building, providing the architectural flexibility needed to accomplish the vision for the project.

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