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Top Ryde City Living

Top Ryde City Living is a collection of seven residential apartment towers constructed on top of the Top Ryde City Shopping Centre (also designed by Holmes Fire). The residential portion of the development comprises two levels of carparking, a residential podium and residential towers varying from six to nine storeys. The entire development, including the shopping centre and residential towers, is treated as single building under the building code. This presents a number of fire safety challenges which the prescriptive requirements are not capable of resolving.

In addition to providing extensive fire engineering to the shopping centre below, Holmes Fire provided Alternative Solutions within the residential portions including:

  • Justification of combustible fa├žade cladding and building attachments to enable the building to achieve its superior look and finish;
  • Allowance for extended residential travel distances and long public corridors without intermittent smoke separations;
  • Permitting the discharge of fire-isolated stairs onto the rooftop podium, thereby giving flexibility to the location of the residential egress points and minimising the need for additional stair shafts through the retail portion below; and
  • Detailing the specific automatic fire alarm cascade throughout the entire development to minimise the impact of false alarms.