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Chatswood Place

Chatswood Place is a new $300M boutique mixed-use development by Platino Properties. The development, which is described as a neighbourhood within a neighbourhood, will incorporate five residential buildings with over 200 apartments above retail and carparking areas. A private landscaped podium with trees, waterfalls and fountains will be provided between the residential buildings, with additional resident use areas including a gymnasium and a rooftop pool and BBQ area.

An existing heritage manor located at the northern end of the site off Victoria Avenue will be restored and adapted for modern use as a boutique bar, complemented by the contemporary modern architecture utilised for the new building.

Holmes Fire was engaged to provide conceptual fire engineering design advice. This was followed by the provision of Alternative Solutions to resolve specific non-compliances with the BCA Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions, as well as additional solutions which enabled increased design flexibility and reduced construction timeframe and cost.

Chatswood Place contains a number of features requiring innovative fire engineering solutions whilst maintaining an acceptable level of fire safety. One example includes the performance based rationalised smoke exhaust for Level 1 retail areas, based on the open nature of these areas and the fire separation provided to the adjacent carpark. Additionally, Holmes Fire is providing an Alternative Solution to permit a reduced slab thickness to each level.
Other Alternative Solutions by Holmes Fire include:

  • Rationalised fire resistance levels of Class 6 retail areas;
  • Separation of classifications in the same storey by drencher protected glazing;
  • Reduced number of exits from residential areas;
  • Extended travel distances;
  • Omission of pressurisation from residential fire-isolated stairways in buildings over 25 m;
  • Omission of zone smoke control to Level 1 retail tenancies;
  • Provision of jet fans in the carpark;
  • Non-provision of emergency lifts in the lower residential towers;
  • Omission of WIP phones from residential areas; and
  • Rationalised Sound System and Intercommunication System for Emergency Purposes (SSISEP) cascade.

Holmes Fire is working closely with Platino Properties, services engineers, the fire brigade, builder and project certifier to help identify fire safety issues, develop cost effective, practical and aesthetically achievable solutions which ultimately meet the design objectives and achieve suitable levels of fire safety for the building’s occupants and fire brigade personnel.