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New Zealand

Rutherford Regional Science & Innovation Centre- Stage 2

The RRSIC Stage 2 consisted of the support building to the larger RRSIC Stage 1 that forms the Rutherford Regional Science & Innovation Centre. The RRSIC Stage 2 building is built on the site of the original von Haast building to provide a modern environment for the staff and post graduate students associated with the adjacent buildings.

RRSIC Stage 2 comprised of primarily staff and post graduate office space, with group teaching on the ground floor. Stage 2 has a bridge link at upper levels into the Stage 1 building and the existing SBS/Zoology building. This building was treated as an extension to the existing SBS/Zoology building, which required detailed interface consideration for the shared services and egress systems.

The existing SBS/Zoology building also presented a challenge, being originally designed as an Alternative Solution. A qualitative reassessment of the existing SBS/Zoology building was completed to demonstrate the ongoing compliance of existing building to the current NZBC.

The RRSIC Stage 2 building has a timber structural frame, with CLT floor and shear walls. The management of penetrations and detailing of structural joints required specific consideration.

Internally, the department and post graduate office areas are interconnected by a continuous open stair. To allow the opening between these levels, specific smoke and egress modelling was required.

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