Holmes Fire is a specialised fire engineering consultancy with an unrivalled talent for the integration of fire engineering through design collaboration. Our performance-based fire safety solutions incorporate the economical, operational and life-cycle advantages of all building and infrastructure design. We have a reputation for innovation and an extensive record of delivering successfully on challenging projects. Our designs adapt to the freedom of architectural expression as well as the disciplines inherent to the prescriptive building code and regulatory compliance.

Holmes Fire’s team of specialist engineers will articulate the best ideas to resolve any design. Today, we service projects throughout Australia, the US, New Zealand and the Middle East from offices in Sydney, Brisbane, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. With over 70 engineers, our design capability and fire safety knowledge and experience is unparalleled. All of our fire engineers have specialist post-graduate training in fire engineering and many are also Accredited and Chartered Professional Engineers. We will always strive for the highest level of professional service, achievement and success for our clients and associates.

We have come a long way, with great success. From beginnings fuelled by the vision and enthusiasm of our co-founders Hamish Maclennan and Martin Feeney, and the support of Holmes Consulting Group, the small, powerful company of Holmes Fire & Safety was established in 1994. We have since expanded; to Sydney later in 1997, San Francisco in 2009, Los Angeles in 2016 and throughout New Zealand’s main centres. Today’s company, Holmes Fire, continues to prosper, firmly established as a world leader in fire engineering design.